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Empowering purpose!

Melanie Rutgers

Hi everyone!My name is Melanie Rutgers and I am from South Africa. For as long a...

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Help Miss Bay Area BDA 2015

Kayla Thomas

I am Kayla Thomas your current Miss Bay Area BDA 2015-2017. I want to tell you a...

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Erika's Miss Amazing National

Pauletta Hoxit Clark

My name is Erika Brooks and I am Amazing! I was born November 15, 1991 and I was...

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iRun4Joe - GO JOE GO!!!

Tim Kukula

I'm running a Half Marathon (13.1 miles) on July 4th, dedicated to Joe Danger. T...

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Kori-London ~for~ Little Miss UAPB

Brandiace Simone Harrison

Greetings!!!My name is Kori-London B. Poole and I am vying for the Title of Litt...

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PHS Band Destination Disney

Lisa Shears

It has come to my attention, that sadly, there are a few Big Red Band students,...

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Miss Black Indiana USA 2015

Lorissa C. Turner

I am Lorissa Turner, and I have the great honor and privilege to serve as your M...

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Brittany Bruce for Miss Missouri USA

Brittany K Bruce

Hello! My name is Brittany Bruce and I am so honored and excited to be selected...

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Miss Haiti 2014

Carolyn Desert

Thanks for the donations. Please keep on donating.The help is highly needed.Than...

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Be A part of my Dream

Alexis Mateo

Hi friends, As you all know I will competing for the national tittle of Miss Gay...

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Help save Cake&Sweets by CeCe

Cechia Cepry Stewart-Carson

I'm asking for your help in helping me save my bakery. As a new store front busi...

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Get Trailer/and box truck 4 Events

Lady Feri

We got the airstream but we need something to pull it withso the fundrraiser con...

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Security Cameras for Best Friends

Joseph Peter Goett

Best Friend's Sanctuary is a volunteer-led, citizen funded rescue and spay/neute...

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Support Black Swan's Growth!

Shawneki A Wright

Black Swan Food Experience is headed by New Orleans-native, Chef Shawneki "Nikki...

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Help "Hot Dog John" buy a new cart!

Paul Minda

Why is this such an important fund? This cart business is John's primary souce o...

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Derreck Fourreal

Help spread the word!

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Save Jonny Boston's International!

Michael J. Medeiros

Hello,Jonny Boston's International needs your help! We've been in business for 2...

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Claire's Periscoping fundraising

Claire Waddington

Fundraising to support "Paris with Claire", Claire's Periscope venture, daily to...

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Jumpolin's piñatas demolished!

Kienan Clute

After eight years of selling piñatas from their shop on Caesar Chavez, th...

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Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant

Joe Bissell-Maynard

Naing Myanmar Family Restaurant is a small family-owned restaurant currently loc...

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Cakes With Jaz Expansion Project

Jasmine McAfee

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jasmine McAfee, I own and operate...

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Mum wants a Job!!!

Alex Girle

My name is Alexandra. I'm a single mother of 5 amazing children aged 2, 7, 13, 1...

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Help Restore the Boots Court Neon

Ron Hart

The Route 66 Chamber of Commerce has started this Fundraiser to help the repair...

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Indie Spotlight Comic Book Heroes!

Geoff Beckett

Gofundme rewards have been mailed out to donators. If you did not get a notifica...

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