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Walk Hard 2017

Ryan Renfrow

The Kappa Beta Chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity is excited to have your...

$459 Raised 2%

Goal $25,000

Jenna Sauer Memorial Fund

Lesley Birkkjaer, Catriona Le May Doan and Krista

In February of 2016, while most grade 12 students were busy choosing graduation...

$1,230 Raised 12%

Goal $10,000

In Memory of Mary Ruchalski

Ashley Ruchalski

One of Mary's greatest joys in life was attending St. Agnes Cathedral School. Sh...

$899 Raised 9%

Goal $10,000

Local KP Family needs help

Sophie Helen Crain Pourradier

Eight year old Lacey Foy became unresponsive while swimming on Saturday March 17...

$899 Raised 4%

Goal $20,000

Fellow Widow Stephanie through the Loss

Gabe Easter

There are no words. It's with a heavy heart to share the news that on Tuesday, o...

$8,999 Raised 60%

Goal $15,000

Eric Schultz Memorial Family Fund

Christian Burbach

USAF pilot and Annapolis native Lt Col Eric E. Schultz, age 44, tragically lost...

$349 Raised 3%

Goal $10,000

Joshua Schaeler Legacy Memorial

Chris & Bailey Michael

On September 2, while enjoying family and the outdoors, a tragic accident took t...

$399 Raised 1%

Goal $40,000

Lisa Smith funeral & medical expenses

Russell Joyner

Lisa tragically passed away October 19th 2017 while walking her son to school. S...

$4,599 Raised 11%

Goal $40,000

Oliver Memorial Fund

Betsy Johnson

Oliver Duane Parisot passed away in his sleep on 2/15/2017 at 8 weeks old. The P...

$999 Raised 7%

Goal $15,000

Aubrey Howard Memorial Fund

Goldrena Butler

The Howard family lost their precious daughter 15 year old, Aubrey on March 17....

$999 Raised 10%

Goal $10,000

Lianne Dennstedt Memorial Fund

Shawn Dennstedt

People are curious how Lianne contracted meningitis. This is what her medical te...

$5,999 Raised 15%

Goal $40,000

Brett Faruzzi Family Fund

Faruzzi Family and Friends

Brett Faruzzi passed away on January 10, 2017 less than three short months after...

$799 Raised 1%

Goal $100,000

Levi Wuollet support fund

Kevin Wuollet

Levi William Wuollet graduated from Dassel-Cokato High School Sunday, June 4th....

$899 Raised 6%

Goal $15,000

In Loving Memory of Nash Bennett

Danielle Shuff

Dear Friends and Family, Thank you for your love and support for the Bennett Fam...

$999 Raised 5%

Goal $20,000

Help Andrew Teel and Alaya Teel

Sarah King

Our hearts go out to the Teel family during this devastating time. Please keep y...

$1,599 Raised 18%

Goal $9,000

Expenses for Amy Miller and her babies

Natalie Forbis

It is with many tears we share that Amy Miller and her two beautiful babies Isai...

$1,399 Raised 5%

Goal $30,000

Lauren Hugelmaier's Memorial

Valerie Hoy

Lauren Hugelmaier's life tragically ended on September 1, 2017. She was only 29...

$1,998 Raised 10%

Goal $20,000

Please help with the funeral cost

Sunday Dearborn

It is with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to someone at such a young...

$599 Raised 3%

Goal $20,000

Little Elizabeth Smith's funeral costs

Melisa Nielsen Robertson

Little 11 year old Elizabeth was hit by a vehicle while waiting for the school b...

$999 Raised 10%

Goal $10,000

Honoring the Otto Boys: Tyler,

Kelly Kampeter

Tyler-14, Cason-8, Max-5, and Levi-4 were tragically killed in an early morning...

$1,999 Raised 10%

Goal $20,000

Bobby Menges Memorial Fund:

The Menges Family

Bobby dedicated his life to bringing awareness to childhood cancer and raising m...

$899 Raised 9%

Goal $10,000

Dagel Family

Sonya Honeycutt Myers

Thursday afternoon Eric lost his life when hit by a car riding his bike home fro...

$1,798 Raised 9%

Goal $20,000

Kellie Lorenzen - In memory of Michael

Lauren Giles

Our friend Kellie Lorenzen is experiencing a mothers worst nightmare. On Friday,...

$1,599 Raised 5%

Goal $30,000

Tilley Family Support Fund

Michael Logan

On the evening of Friday, September 2nd the Tilley family were on their way to L...

$999 Raised 50%

Goal $2,000