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Promote Peer Helping in Elementary

Rey Carr

Attending my high school reunion revealed something amazing, yet sad, to me. In...

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Goal $55,000

Stephen Nazzaro Memorial Trust

Patricia Scangas and Emily Sheahan

On September 5th Stephen Nazzaro suddenly passed away leaving behind his adoring...

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Goal $15,000

Grace and Lou's 529 College Funds

: Jim Masterson, Pete Marino, Pat Welch, Jim Hebso

With a heavy heart, we ask that you please help us help the Welch family by dona...

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Goal $175,000

Eli, Zoe & Zia Mascarinas

John Claussen, Sarah Hogan, Chase Jaz, James Sloan

On February 15th, 2017, as she drove her three children home from school, Mia Ma...

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Goal $100,000

East Limestone Band Instrument

East Limestone Community Band Boosters Association

Our 35-year old tubas are held together with duct tape, polish and love! We have...

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Help #TeacherLyfe Go To Law

Rubia Garcia

My name is Rubia Garcia. I am born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. For jus...

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Goal $50,000

Please help Phuong

Ha Nguyen

I am Ha Phuong Nguyen, an 18-year-old student from Vietnam. I am passionate abou...

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Education Fund for Lucy

Friends of Lesley Moran & Alex Ghassan

Dear friends and family, As you may know, 4-year-old twins Lucienne and Alexandr...

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Goal $75,000

Support a Nursery School

John Hirtle

The project of the AL Quds Flower Nursery in the East of Gaza to the Gaza Govern...

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Goal $10,000

Hurricane Irma Relief for Virgin

Peggy Hunt

Virgin Islands Montessori School and Peter Gruber International Academy is a non...

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Goal $100,000

Black Guns Matter Tour

Maj Toure

Black Guns Matter educates people in urban communities on their 2nd amendment ri...

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Goal $15,000

Foundation 18 Education Fund 2016

Cate Bolt

Foundation 18 is a privately funded not-for-profit organisation started by Austr...

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Goal $5,000

#AltonSterlingFamily Scholarship

Issa Rae

If you feel helpless, but want to play a small part in easing the burden of #Alt...

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Goal $200,000

Feivel's Bakery Training

Elise Cohen

Feivel is 20 years old. He was born with dysgenesis corpus callosum and other br...

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Goal $4,800

Robert Back and Family

Jenny VanAken

Robert is a high school student who has sustained a serious football injury. He...

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Goal $20,000

Brent Mulholland's Family

Matt Jamison

Brent Mulholland was a father of two. Victoria 8 and Bennett 5. He was a loving...

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Goal $2,502

Mr. Gonzalez


Who is Mr. Jesus Gonzalez? You may know him as Mr. G, Speedy, Jesus andone of th...

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Goal $500,000

Huerta Family

Alex Kuresa

Fernando Saul Huerta and Bayley Jayce Zollinger, High School sweethearts, were s...

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Goal $50,000

Emily Vlahos Disaster Relief Fund

Justin Metz

On May 27, 2017 during a violent thunderstorm in Memphis, TN a giant tree collap...

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Goal $5,000

The Ashley Comstock Memorial Award

Christina Ferrucci

Hi everyone!This year, the instructors of the Mohawk Valley Community College R...

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Goal $1,000

College Fund Jake, Makayla and Abby

Kim Elizabeth Oliver

As many of you know, my sister died unexpectedly on Wednesday, September 28th. S...

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Goal $10,000

UM students thank library's janitor

Mariska Custers

We are students at Maastricht University who regularly study in the university l...

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Ryan's college fund

Jody Goldstein

This sweet child has been raised by a single mother her entire life. Due to her...

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Goal $65,000

Joey & Natalia's Future

Natalie J Peneno

My name is Eric Miller writing this story on behalf of two beautiful children, J...

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Goal $50,000