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Save Cafe Racer!

Kurt Geissel

For years now we have lived for our Café Racer Love. But sadly we cannot...

$1,450 Raised 3%

Goal $50,000

Help Gary and Clifford Koekoek Home

Aaron Hoerner

Gary and Clifford Koekoek are 84 year old twins and are Vietnam veterans. The pa...

$1,450 Raised 6%

Goal $25,000

Mucolipidosis Research Initiative

Mark Stark

We made it!!! We reached our Goal of $100,000USISMRD ,our children and adults af...

$16,789 Raised 17%

Goal $100,000

The Stivers Family

Maddi Piascik

The Stivers Family of Richmond, VA lost their beloved home on July 10th, 2017 to...

$1,560 Raised 31%

Goal $5,000

Ocean Township Moore Family

Gary Clark

Kellie Moore, along with her two beautiful children Braden and Kylie, have suffe...

$6,790 Raised 7%

Goal $100,000

We rise by lifting others

Yesenia Ortiz-Del Valle

Is there a way to connect with them and ask if personal donations are accepted....

$1,290 Raised 6%

Goal $22,000

Standing Rock Woodstoves

Erika Kightlinger

Please help me purchase Wood stoves to support the Standing Rock Camps in North...

$450 Raised 2%

Goal $30,000

Father in Crisis -Keeps Warm In Car

Rob N Gia McMastro

Hello all. The reason this Go Fund Me is being started is because I just became...

$1,490 Raised 37%

Goal $3,990

Anita Hughes

Anita Hughes

Hi. We found out my father passed away January 14th, 2017, 6 months ago. And I a...

$2,450 Raised 5%

Goal $50,000


Alison Mariella Desir

***This is the original post; for the most recent information please see updates...

$198 Raised 0%

Goal $44,000

Appreciation For Olu Steven's Work

Tariq Nasheed

The honorable Judge Olu Stevens has shown great integrity in his desire to uphol...

$1,345 Raised 4%

Goal $32,000

Karina Vetrano Memorial Reward Fund

Phil Vetrano

This GoFundMe page is being established in the name of Karina Vetrano. A beautif...

$178 Raised 0%

Goal $400,000

Feed Your Neighbor

Leah Penniman, Soul Fire Farm

Since 2011, the team at Soul Fire Farm has grown and delivered weekly boxes of f...

$467 Raised 7%

Goal $7,000

Winkie Pratney Medical & Family

Amy Burton

Winkie Pratney is a world renowned and much loved evangelist and speaker who has...

$167 Raised 1%

Goal $30,000

Mt. Calvary 2017 Toy/Food Drive

Michele Webb

Welcome Back Everyone! It is that most wonderful time of the year when all of us...

$145 Raised 4%

Goal $3,500

Still Hanging On!

Linda Xyz

My dear friend, Patricia Rodriguez (Patty Sunshine) lives on disability and has...

$670 Raised 8%

Goal $8,000

Girls get to Cheer Competition

Kelly Kaiser Clingman

Please help these girls get to their National Competition! They worked very hard...

$199 Raised 7%

Goal $2,800

Caring Help for Alena

Jeanne Chouard

Alena, an Ashland mother, lost her battle with colon cancer and passed away June...

$120 Raised 2%

Goal $7,500

Support Maria's family & stop ICE

Andrew Willis Garcés

Why Maria Needs Our Support - SHORT VERSION Please give what you can - we need t...

$189 Raised 2%

Goal $12,000

M.A.S.K. Play Lot

Heather Owen

“Everybody is starting to realize that gun violence is not just a south si...

$890 Raised 9%

Goal $10,000

Support a natural home at an affordable

DirtChic Builders

Help us bridge the gap between affordable and natural housing! DirtChiQ's 100 Mi...

$120 Raised 0%

Goal $25,000

Supporting Christy Gray

Kelli Alison McConnell

Kelli McConnell and Barbara Odil have started this You Caring page for our belov...

$190 Raised 2%

Goal $8,000

Apoyo para elotera detenida

Fernando Romero Orozco

[IN ENGLISH BELOW] El 13 de Octubre, Marcelina Ríos fue arrestada por ven...

$178 Raised 2%

Goal $7,500

School Zone Safety And Kids Welfare.


In memory of sweet little boy Mathusshan Thevathasan who passed away at the age...

$1,200 Raised 24%

Goal $5,000