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Zakat al-Fitr - Ramadhan 2018


Ramadan 2018, Zakat al-Fitr and Rice DistributionAlfityanu Humanitaire Internati...

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Goal $1,110

Codas of Color to attend CODA-CAN


Proceeds from this fundraiser will be used to provide assistance to Codas of Col...

$1,870 Raised 53%

Goal $3,500

Safe Sidewalks to Ridgewood Park


If you walk, stroll, bike, or scoot to Ridgewood Park, you’ve probably bee...

$1,230 Raised 35%

Goal $3,500

Help Save Mort Subite's House


Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed so far! While not meeting the...

$1,260 Raised 63%

Goal $2,000

Help us build playground Swaziland


awubona! Mahatma Gandhi said ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the wo...

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Goal $5,500

Wishes For Wyatt


From the moment he started moving, Wyatt did not seem to stop. As we patiently w...

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Goal $9,000

B's wish to help childhood cancer families


Update Nov. 2017: B’s gift card program for Dr. Rosen’s childhood ca...

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Goal $1,000

The Final Creation Foundation Fundraiser


Having aggressive stage 4 cancer of the lung and brain, Dave doesn't really expe...

$1,255 Raised 25%

Goal $5,000

Philip DeFranco's Big Gay Religion

Philip DeFranco

Yesterday I talked about the discrimination of gay people in America thanks to t...

$1,290 Raised 6%

Goal $20,000

Bostwick Family Support

Tiffany Troutt-Etheredge

Cole Bostwick was heading home to his beautiful family when a tragic accident oc...

$1,280 Raised 5%

Goal $25,000

Karabo Asara Orphan Centre

Amy Gottlieb

The Karabo Asara HIV & Orphan Center started due to an increasing number of...

$890 Raised 2%

Goal $40,000

Memphis Women's March

Natalie Worlow

As an extension of the Women's March on Washington, local Memphians will gather...

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Goal $5,500

Lance Hill Needs Your Help

Lawrence N. Powell

If you don’t know who Lance Hill is, you've missed out. No one did more to...

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Goal $60,000

Launch the Lancaster Stand

Nick Martin

On Friday, February 3rd, the Atlantic Sunrise fracked-gas pipeline was approved...

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Goal $10,000

Rebuild Pinnacle, Restore Rastafari

Leonard Percival Howell

Rastafari Kulture has been destroyed by Jamaica governments for over 80 years fr...

$560 Raised 11%

Goal $5,000

MD Anderson Costume Campaign

Gage Mueller

My name is Gage Mueller and if you know me you know, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! If you...

$180 Raised 1%

Goal $15,000

Burnside Skatepark

Toni Darnall-Shackleton

Built nearly a quarter century ago by a dedicated group of renegade skateboarder...

$1,230 Raised 3%

Goal $40,000

Our Glass House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Ronald Moon

The outpouring of donations, no-cost professional services and community support...

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Goal $5,000

Get David Wilcox of Chicago New Car

Paula Neal Mooney

The beating of David Wilcox in Chicago is deplorable.Whereas I'm not a Trump sup...

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Goal $33,000

Lisa Fandrich

Lisa Fandrich

Hi. My name is Lisa Fandrich and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is a story abo...

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Goal $30,000

Monticello Street Hospitality House

Celeste Taylor

Dear Family, Friends and Colleagues: I have been on an incredible mission for ab...

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Goal $18,000

Dedicated worker walks to work

Shayla Kathleen

Here at Ruby Tuesdays in Mentor, OH we have a cook who walks 5 hours to work. He...

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Goal $10,000

Help Find Elaine Park

Rosemarie Wheeler

Friends, Family, and Community: Please Help us in Raising Money to "BRING ELAINE...

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Goal $50,000

Phoenix Emporium Recovery Fund

Mark Hemmis

The Phoenix Emporium in Ellicott City was devasted by Saturday's historic flood....

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Goal $50,000