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Dachshunds Only Rescue Birthday Wish


t's Dachshunds Only Rescue's birthday. On August 17th, we will turn 10 years old...

$1,290 Raised 3%

Goal $50,050

Uno’s heart murmur surgery at Med Vet


uno is back home and resting, thanks all for the well wishes! He was diagnosed w...

$600 Raised 1%

Goal $45,000

Rally Around Gunner


We've all seen Amy's posts over the last week about her sweet, beloved Gunner's...

$245 Raised 5%

Goal $5,000

Save Death Row Kitties


* If you wish to donate to help a specific kitty, please include the cat's name...

$1,200 Raised 5%

Goal $25,000

Nasa's Wish -MoKanGreyhoundAdoption

George- Saving One Dog with One Wish

On November 28, 2016, Nasa the Greyhound got loose from his foster home. After a...

$1,200 Raised 24%

Goal $5,000

George- Saving One Dog with One Wish

George- Saving One Dog with One Wish

Meet George. Many, many moons ago, George "used to be" a German Shepard. We were...

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Goal $5,000



his is for anyone who wishes to sponsor the spay, neuter and vetting of the kitt...

$1,200 Raised 40%

Goal $3,000

Support Recovery of Dogs


n January 2018, someone (wishing to remain anonymous) reached out to the breeder...

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Goal $4,150

Save Richwood WV Schools

RHS Alumni Association

Help Save Richwood Schools!This page has been established to help raise funds to...

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Goal $10,000

Project Save-A-Cat's-Life

Marsha Locke

THE CRISIS:70+ abandoned cats, from an unfortunate hoarding situation, are in de...

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Goal $30,000

Misa has an enormous blockage

Red Hook Dog Rescue

Update 10/12: Misa is doing a little better, she was operated on at the Animal M...

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Goal $10,000

Help Save Abused

Tawnee Preisner

Donate with PayPal – Click Here Now that the law is passing that the chain...

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Goal $50,000

Help 15 Shelties rescued

South Carolina Sheltie Rescue

Please help us help the Shelties! Over 70 dogs were confiscated from a hoarding...

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Goal $7,000

Max's Retirement Fund

Korey H

Attention All Animal Lovers!!This is Max. Look at that handsome pup! For those o...

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Goal $7,500

Help NYBC Pay Their Existing Vet Bill

New York Bully Crew

With all the emergency surgeries, extreme medical cases over the past few months...

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Please Help Robby! UPDATED 7-3-17

For Robby Gebo

Update! On July 13, 2017, Robby finally started physical therapy. He did very we...

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Goal $11,000

Michelle Knuttila

Michelle Knuttila

Help keep HiCaliber’s doors open! HiCaliber Horse Rescue is the nation&rsq...

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Goal $17,000

Surgery for Sweet Rescue Lola

Lisa Ostello

Will you HELP Lola today? Sweet Lola was being given away for free. To whomever...

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Goal $40,000

Help Roo Roll!

Karen Hollish, Director of Friends of PACC

UPDATE: When the John M. Simpson Foundation offered to match every dollar you gi...

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Goal $10,000

Help Me Save Brian's Life

Dana Dodd

In 2014 Brian was a rescued, starved dog that was not expected to live. I adopte...

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Goal $10,000

Foster Kitten with Congenital


3/23/18: I'm a kitten foster mom (@twilight_foster_kittens on Instagram) who is...

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Goal $5,000


Lesley Royce

We rescued Heidi last June. She was 14 months old, spent long days in a crate, h...

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Goal $12,000


Lesley Royce

We rescued Heidi last June. She was 14 months old, spent long days in a crate, h...

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Goal $12,000

Keep Kitty and her siblings safe

Lee Renda

We desperately need help. A friend in Wisconsin rescued three cats, and he loves...

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Goal $3,300