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I want to start by saying Thank you for taking the time to read the following. For many of you, the following will just be a review of a story that you are already a part of as you have walked with us for some time now. For those of you who may not know us, here we go. . . Lacie and I have been married for 10 years. At the beginning of our marriage, we decided to “just be married” for a while. We both knew that children would be a part of our story. However, we wanted to work on our relationship and build a good foundation first. After about four years and A LOT of prayer we decided it was time. We assumed that just like our friends and family this would be simple and that Lacie would be pregnant within a couple of weeks. (I mean come on, we both knew how this worked.) Well, weeks turned into months. Months turned into years. Years turned into to “Oh God. Please help us.” We started with Lacie. I figured, there is a lot more in there that could be the issue, and besides, I’m never sick. After multiple doctors, tests, bloodwork and a surgery, we came to the conclusion that everything was working fine in Lacie. Well, the good part about that is, we know who it is now. The bad part is, it’s me. Now, it was my turn. It only took an awkward room, a cup and a microscope to figure it out. We tried for about a year to help the issue with vitamins, oils and medication. We saw a little progress just not enough. We had always said that if we could not conceive naturally that we could always adopt. Personally, I never imagined that it would actually become part of our story. On June 24, 2016 at 9:45am from a balcony at the Summit in Panama City Beach, Florida I started a conversation with the only person I knew that had been through the adoption?#160; process. We had dinner with the “S” family and asked every question we could possibly think of about domestic adoption. Although we both were super excited and ready to start down the path of domestic adoption, we still felt like there was something missing from this plan. With all the information we had gathered, we decided that one first step would be to move from Ball Ground to Woodstock. We had been wanting to move for a while and the timing felt right. With planing to move, we also started attending a new church. One of the first things we knew that we would need was a good support system of friends in the new area. We attended an event at our new church to join a small group. At this event, during one of the many awkward conversations, we were asked if we have ever considered embryo adoption. I had no clue what they where talking about and Lacie had only heard a little about it. We were soon introduced to an amazing woman who had been through two embryo adoptions. We stood at a table in the foyer of our new church and talked for over an hour. After leaving that conversation we were able to fill the missing piece. For anyone not familiar with embryo adoption, let me explain. Couples who choose to go through the process of IVF often create many more embryos than they desire to give birth to. Sometimes up to 20 embryos are created! The options these couples have are to donate the embryos to science, destroy them, freeze them for future use, or donate them for adoption. We feel that these babies deserve the chance to be born. So here we are living in Woodstock, step one DONE. Our Application for embryo adoption has been accepted. Now all we need is between $10,000 -15,000 to adopt in this manner. If your heart moves you to make a donation, we are forever grateful for your generosity, and if monetary support isn’t in your heart, your prayers, thoughts, and well wishes are greatly accepted. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have and we’ll do our best to answer them. Thank You, Collin and Lacie Sanders
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