Help us FUNd Selah’s TWIN siblings

Hello Friends ! What a crazy few days. Last week our Selah girl was able to facetime her birthmama ( que the tears ) and we found out that she’s pregnant with TWINS and wants to make an adoption plan with our family. As you can imagine there are so many emotions. But it literally took us two seconds to decide that we are all in. It’s all of our hearts to keep Selah and her siblings together . With an adoption there is so much loss but to keep these little ones together will be so good for them. We want nothing more than for them to grow up together and have each other forever . Saying yes is the easy part . This is all very unexpected. And at the forefront of our minds is finances . We have a very short amount of time to gather funds . We need about $27 k in 26 days ! That number makes my mind spin ! We are currently trying to pull all of our resources together . It’s a little overwhelming and we need a miracle. We hate asking for help but it will take our village and more to see this happen. We’d love for you to do three things if you are able : 1. Ask God what He would have you give? Every dollar matters! 2. Share this page on social media and with your village of friends. The best way you can get behind our story is to share it with someone else. 3. Please continue to pray for us, Selah , Selah’s birth mama and these TWO precious little babies . When I get discouraged thinking about the enormity of this all I remember that God is Love . And love moves mountains and crushes boulders and makes the impossible possible . Will you help us ? We are so thankful and humbled . Thank you for loving and standing in the gap with our family as all this unfolds . Xo
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