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Dearest Friends & Family,

Many of you know that we've been wanting to add to our family for a long time. After years of infertility, both prior to our beloved sons joining us as well as over the last several years, we learned that our chances for having another baby of our own are 1%. God has led us to a unique and little-known opportunity to adopt a Snowflake Baby. Most of you are wondering what in the world is a Snowflake Baby?!

When couples use in vitro fertilization to achieve pregnancy, they will often have embryos remaining after they feel their family is complete. One of the options available to them is to donate those embryos for adoption. Embryo adoption allows the family with remaining embryos to select a recipient family for their embryo gift. That family could be US!

One of the most amazing aspects of Snowflake Adoption is that Julie would get the incredible honor of carrying our baby to full term. We'd be the birth parents to our adopted baby- it's miraculous, mind-blowing, and a beautiful way for God to build our family! For more information on how embryo adoption works exactly, click here for the link to our adoption agency: Nightlight Christian Adoptions. To watch life-changing videos of other families' triumphant and miraculous stories, click here. *Beware: these babies that were once frozen in time may just capture your hearts and broaden your hope for what is possible!

The total cost will be $15,000- the adoption fees will be $8,000, and the medical fees for the embryo transfer will be $7,000. More than anything, we'd LOVE to have your prayers that God will guide us to our baby as expediently as possible and bless every faith step of this journey. If you feel led to contribute to this story financially, we'd be over-joyed! We can't do this without you and feel so humbled and honored to invite you into what God is doing in our family!

Thank you for your support, PJ, Julie, Josiah & Braddock
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