Evans Family Accident Expense

37 year old Katie Evans was killed by a drunk driver late Friday, October 6th as she was returning home from visiting her premature twin girls in the hospital. The driver who hit her crossed the median and crashed into her car just a mile from her home. Katie leaves behind her husband Jacob Evans, her children Spencer (12), Travis (11), Nathaniel (9), Gideon (2) and her premie twin girls Hannah and Sarah (not even 8 weeks old!).

Katie couldn't go a day without visiting her brand-new twin girls in the hospital. She was a devoted mother, sister and wife and will be immensely missed.

Jacob is left to care for 6 kids by himself. There will be many childcare costs as well as unforeseen expenses. We know many would like to help but don't know how to, or are too far away to help in person. If you would like to donate towards childcare and other expenses, you could make Jacob's life a little easier. Note: We already hit our 100k goal, but the site stopped allowing some people to donate, and they emailed asking us to bump the goal. So we bumped it to 500k. Initially, Jacob thought he would have to uproot his kids and move them close to family but due to your generosity, he's now beginning to explore how he can keep the family in Southern California with their friends and neighbors. We do not know how large expenses will be, but are very grateful for your generosity to my brother and his family.
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