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Update: 11/29/17 This fundraiser is ongoing. Any funds collected after June 1, 2017 will be saved for Spring 2018 meal debt elimination for graduation seniors whose ability to participate in commencement would be impacted by meal debt. If you would like to contribute to the overall efforts of VA 7th USA, a grassroots non-profit organization behind this effort, then please visit www.va7th.org to make a secure donation via ActBlue. Thank you!

Hundreds of low-income students right in our back yards have meal debts they cannot pay at their school cafeterias. As a result, they receive less nutritious, alternate meals that cause embarrassment in front of their peers. It stigmatizes poor students through no fault of their own. In Henrico County alone, full priced lunch and breakfast cost $2.70/$1.50 and reduced meals cost $0.40/$0.30 and there is over $18,000 in meal debt!

We aim to alleviate the meal debt in some of the most impoverished schools. Supporting public education and our most at-risk children is a sound economic decision that will improve the lives of us all. Every penny given to this campaign will be sent to the schools with the greatest percentage of students receiving free and reduced meals. Attention will also be given to high schools, where just a $5.40 debt means a student won't get to walk at graduation.

Here is the percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch in Virginia's 7th Congressional District:

Amelia County - 822 students or 45.67% students
Chesterfield County - 18,569 students or 30.11% students
Culpeper County - 3,657 students or 44.71% of students
Goochland County - 680 students or 26.05% of students
Henrico County - 20,792 students or 40.63% of students
Louisa County - 2,141 students or 44.31% of students
Nottoway County - 1,341 students or 61.74% of students
Orange County - 2,229 students or 43.99% of students
Powhatan County - 727 students or 16.72% of students
Spotsylvania County - 9,192 students or 39.08% of students

Here's the impact of a small donation:
  • $5 pays off2 full-priced or 12 reduced-cost breakfast loans
  • $10 pays off3 full-priced or 25 reduced-cost lunch loans
  • $15 pays off5 full-priced or 37 reduced-cost lunch loans
  • $25 pays off 9 full-priced or 62 reduced-cost lunch loans
  • $50 pays off18 full-priced or 125 reduced-cost breakfast loans
  • $100 pays off37 full-priced or 250 reduced-cost lunch loans
We know, thanks to an incredibly generous kickoff donation, that $400 paid off the total meal debts in Nottoway County--the entire County! That's hundreds of lives impacted!

So, please give generously this week to support children across Virginia's 7th District. And, once this campaign is complete, consider ongoing support to the school cafeteria near you. Every school in every county needs your support.

“Children shouldn’t be made to go the day without any lunch because of their parent’s action … it’s the child who suffers the consequences.”
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