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We are Scott and Brittany Meyers (of Windtraveler and Aristocat Charters). We have started this fund to provide immediate relief to the BVI.... On Wed, Sep 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma changed the face of the British Virgin Islands and the course of thousands of lives forever. Her velocity was unimaginable - the largest storm ever on record with wind gusts up to 220 mph - and the destruction she left in her wake was apocalyptic. Our beloved British Virgin Islands... home to over 30,000 people, the #1 sailing charter destination in the world, and one the most beloved vacation destinations for many... suffered a direct hit from this newly minted “nuclear storm” - a term that comes, no doubt, from what her wrath resembled on the ground: like a nuclear bomb was dropped. Most homes were destroyed, buildings irreparably damaged, roads buckled and almost every boat lost…the level of destruction cannot be understated. Not a single tree was left standing of our beautiful, lush, tropical paradise. It is complete and utter devastation, and our islands need help. The future for every single resident of the BVI is uncertain. Despite this, the amazing communities of our tiny rocks in the sea are coming together in every way imaginable to help each other and provide relief. The funds raised here will go directly to relief efforts on the ground RIGHT NOW by a group of BVI expats who lost everything in the storm - homes, businesses - and are arriving in Tortola immediately to offer relief and rebuild. Scott is actually in Puerto Rico coordinating taking a boat to the BVI with supplies. These funds will be used to purchase ESSENTIAL items for relief: Food, water, VHF radios, satellite phones, generators, chainsaws, medical supplies, items to cover people’s basic needs (such as soap, diaper, wet wipes, tampons and the like), etc. Every penny of this fund will go directly to these efforts and they will start to be used IMMEDIATELY and will continue to be used during the long term relief efforts. (This site does not charge the fund an additional fee... just the credit card processing fee of 2.9%+$.30). Please consider giving! Let’s bring the BVI back bigger and better than ever before. #BVISTRONG #Irma #relief Thank you.
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