Jason & Amanda Fire

Amanda & Jason lost their home to fire on Sunday, June 11th, 2017. They lost their home and belongings but not their faith or each other.

There is so much to tell but for now we just need to set the site up because many are asking how they can help. What is important to know:

Jason and Amanda are both in the major burn unit at the hospital. Jason saved Amanda's life by running through the fire to get to her and lead her to safety. He then dowsed their skin with water and drove them to a neighbors house so they could be taken to hospital. While Amanda's burns have been downgraded to only 10% of her body (1st and 2nd degree burns), her burns are on her hands, arms, chest, face and back. Amanda never came into contact with flames. Jason on the other hand went through the fire to get to her, he sustained 3rd degree burns on 80% of his body. He had his first surgery yesterday morning.

Jason is expected to be in the major burn unit for several months, then months of rehabilitation afterwards. After Amanda is released, she will need to stay in Edmonton to help care for Jason. In the meantime, Amanda is from Oregon in the USA and her immigration papers have not completed yet (they are filed, it takes a while), so she is not covered under Canadian health care.

These funds will be used to take care of her immediate needs and her housing, food and clothing for the interim. As Jason's healing progresses, additional needs will arise. Right now we want to make sure that Amanda has what she needs to get her through since she should be released within the next two weeks. A room has already been reserved for her across from the hospital (at and excellent rate) so she can be with Jason daily. Amanda's voice has been able to help calm him and bring his vitals down when needed. She is medicine for him, hospital staff believe this also.

I am her mother and I am sitting in the hospital with her now. Things are crazy busy and there seems to always be a flurry of activity surrounding the two of them but mostly Jason since his condition is critical.

Jason is intubated so he is unable to communicate with Amanda other than to slightly turn his head towards the sound of her voice or move his limbs. His eyes are healing from the smoke so he is also unable to open them or see right now. They have a very strong faith in God and have put there complete and total trust in him. We are believing for a miraculous out come for the both of them.

We thank you for your prayers. They mean everything!
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