Tragedies come in many forms

Tragedies come in many forms, but they are always devastating to those affected. Meghan Rowland is living such a tragedy now and desperately needs help, both emotional and monetary.

Early Tuesday morning, November 29, Meghan and her twin daughters, Alex and Samantha, were sleeping peacefully in their mobile home in Chico, California, when a fire broke out. The mobile home was completely destroyed and 4 year old Samantha died.

Meghan was able to escape with Alex, but nothing else was saved. She has nothing left but her surviving daughter and the nightclothes they were wearing. Meghan is a hard working low income single mother who has lost all of her material possessions and is facing the most devastating loss a human being can face, the loss of a beloved child.

Meghan is completely dependent on the support of family and friends for clothing and shelter.
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