Help me fight for my rights against injustice

2016 Miss Black Texas US Ambassador/Texas A&M University-Commerce Dean's List Student/Hunt County District Attorney Intern-But to Commerce, TX, I'm just another "BLACK BITCH!"

Saturday May 20th, I found myself stuck behind a stop-and-go driver. After enduring several abrupt stops, slow lane drifting and sudden accelerations, I politely signaled and went around the sporadic driver. I found a parking space, gathered my belongings and prepared to make a quick run into Walmart but was stopped. The same car found me in the parking lot and began berating me with profanity demanding to know why I maneuvered past the vehicle.

The psychopath accosting me was (illegally) giving his 14 y/o driving lessons. Ever dignified and composed, I ignored the tirade and continued into the store. Not use to being ignored, continued "Whatever you Black Bitch!"

I went into Walmart, purchased an item and began to return to my car. A plain clothes unidentified officer wielding a badge informed me that the man I pissed off was the chief of police and I better apologize! I declined and continued graciously toward my vehicle. The unidentified officer grabbed me and shouted you're not going anywhere, you're being detained. I complied and used my cell phone to call the police. When they arrived (of course) they spoke with the other officers and was told I was evading arrest (no idea for what) and I was handcuffed and taken into custody.

I spent 24 in jail. My only crime...the color of my skin.

My family is a typical middle class family and we do not have any wiggle room to afford the attorney's fees and city charges. I am a full time student looking for permanent employment and this charge will hinder my job search. I will not be able to pass a background check for anything.

I will be using these funds for help with attorney's fees and city charges. I am not being charged for Civil Rights representation, but the city is pursuing criminal charges which will require a separate fee. The money will be used to fight my unlawful charge of Evading Arrest/Detention. I refuse to take a plea deal and more than willing to go to trial, but that takes time and money.
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Carmen Ponder

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