my name is sharon and i am a refugee in thailand i am here with my famliy i have 2 daughter's my elder daughter is 4 years old and younger daughter is 1 year old .the stituation here in bangkok is not good. as a refugee we have no rights to work legally in thailand,and it is difficult to find employment,even in the informal sector. most urban refugees in thailand live a precarious existance:unable to work,often unable to send our childrens to school there is no free education in thailand},we are typically, financially stressed, to survive,at high risk of exploitation and constantly worried about being arrested and indefinitely datained. we need help and support to be resettled. We have got a oppurtunity to go to nertherlands which is totally private and cosing 6000 us dollars to be resettled their thank you everyone in advance...i hope you understand my problems which i am facing here in thailand
#Update We really need everyone help and support to move from thailand please help my family i beg you all...thank you

Sharon dsouza

Created Jul 28, 2018 thailand

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