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I have been dealing with railroading and sideswiping, liars and hypocrites, abusive and parental alienation, bashing, preventing and punishing my child for saying she wants to come home, missing her mom and isn’t allowed to speak to me at times. This is the tip of the iceberg. I have court end of Aug but no money to pay my lawyer.
I was 5-1/2 months pregnant at the time this started this past Aug 2017. I was a landlord. I had evicted tenants from my basement because they had not paid me rent and were ten days late, and I walked into the suite to find them doing illegal drugs. I evicted them immediately.
Not even 10mins later I came into my bedroom to find my hired and just fired on the spot cleaning lady emptying my jewlery box directly into her purse. I threw her out of my home along with the evicted tenants in my basement suite. I am a single mom to a 9yr old daughter whom I have raised and had with me since birth up until Oct 3rd. As I said I was also 5-1/2 mths pregnant, against my father's and my ex's wishes I did not abort or put my son up for adoption. My jilted tenants and cleaning lady called up my father and my ex and told them I was a drug addict. My father and my Ex know full well I don't do drugs, they are mad I kept baby, so they used the false drug allegations and my daughter as a means to hurt me. They served me court orders while I was in the hospital because I fell, and on Oct 31st when I was giving birth to my son and unable to properly defend myself. That is the only reason my ex got temporary interim custody of my daughter. I put every single one of their claims of my being a drug addict, my baby being a drug baby in the ground, I have negative drug tests, negative hair follicle test, as does my baby, both of us monitored throughout pregnancy and after, and we are clean with zero signs of drug use whatsoever. I had child welfare in my home, they have zero safety, parenting or home issues. I had a mental health therapist evaluate both myself and my daughter, we are deemed mentally sound.
My father has a court order forcing visitation with her every weekend and weekdays and holidays. Not only does my daughter want it thrown out, I do also. My father and my ex have been attacking me since Aug 10th non stop. They have said horrible things to both my daughter and I. My ex was told by court order to pay me back for the drug tests I paid for. He was told to litigate time with me, he hasn't and only dictates. I raised my daughter since birth up until 9yrs old with no problems, we have not been apart ever until now. I have not yet had a chance to defend myself in court because of the holidays. I have documentation, proof of my innocence and All I have said. I would like their actions and attacks and parental alienation and how they have maliciously treated my daughter and I for the last almost year. My daughter never should have been taken from me to begin with. What father attacks his own daughter based on the heresy of strangers, evicted tenants and thieving cleaning lady. What father could said back and judge anything or say anything about me, when he collaborates behind my back with my abusive ex, when he knows that my daughter's safe and happy with me, what father throws back all he offered to do and gift my daughter with extra curricular activities, insisting upon taking her to and from school, or to her eye and dentist appointments, only to throw it back in my face saying I fall short as a parent because if it wasn't for his help and support my daughter would have suffered. Sean is responsible for the these things as originally the court order said Sean must pay for 99% of any of My daughters extra curricular activities, doctor appointments and meds, glasses, daycare, etc....but again, my father originally insisted, said it was a gift, or that it was not a problem...only he set me up and threw it all in my face saying I am not able to look after My daughter without his help. My daughter’s father is the biggest hypocrite of all, he does drugs and drinks like a fish, infront of my daughter! Which is another reason he doesn't want her to have her own lawyer. Sean has two older daughters who no longer speak to him-why because he got angry and physically roughed them up. As recently as two months back when he Physically smacked his eldest daughter around and threw her on top of my daughter, She moved out of Sean's father's house as Sean lives in the basement of his dad's house, where my daughter is now staying, very unhappy. My daughter and I share a house and have lived in it 7 yrs now with our dog and cats, her neighborhood friends and is only 10mins away from her school whereas now she has a 45 min commute there and back and Sean cannot even parent her full time as he leaves her at my father\'s place up to three nights a week at times and My daughter is not wanting to be there either. My father will not let her speak to me at all, and both punish her if she asks to be brought home or says she misses me. I have all I said documented, i would like there malicious abusive behaviors addressed, my father\'s court order thrown out, full custody and full parental rights, my daughter to have her own Lawyer, and she should have the choice on when and for how long she wants to see her dad and my father. Another point, I have My son now 9mths old, at home with me, how am I fit to raise one baby and not my daughter whom I raised since birth? Another point, my daughter was sick a week before Xmas Holiday's. Sean and My father dumped her on my doorstep and I had her for 3-1/2weeks straight, they wanted nothing to do with her when she was sick. They claim I am not capable to handle my nine yr old and newborn at the same time, yet when she is sick, suddenly I can, or when it suits them I can, but when it doesn't and they want to hurt me, suddenly I am not capable again. Sean works and is not able to parent My daughter full time. I am. Always have been. Would very much like to continue and my daughter very much wants to come home to her mom and brother and home she has lived in for the last 7yrs. Please help me. These men are monsters abusing power they never should have been given. I have the test results, the doctors letters backing the health of my baby and myself, Child Welfare backing me and the court ordered mental health therapist saying nothing is wrong with my daughter or myself, school counselor is supportive of My daughter’s return home to me.
I need to get my daughter home now.
Shevaun Liteplo.

Truth always surfaces, justice is and what should matter most. I can back up all I say and I have certified, legal documentation that disproves all my father and my ex accuse me of. The facts speak for themselves. Please help me. These are not good men to do this to their own children. My father to decieve me, my daughter's father to use her as a weapon and means to hurt me. As that is the only way he could have hurt me now, and he did. He is hurting her far more, still.

I have no money for food, or to pay my utilities or internet or wifi or cellphone, I will be indefinitely cut off as of the 1st of Aug. my utilities are 4mths behind I am so scared. I cannot even pay for my lawyer. What father could
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