I made a huge no-no in my all white and well-to-do family and town. The result was sitting quietly laying my mexilittles down to sleep, and a knock at the door, opened it and it was ICE! They had my husband! Our nightmare began, six years later still here and thousands of dollars gone, basically we are no closer to being home. So LONNNG STORY, and here I sit writing to you all! There is only so much someone can take though, it was this week while making certain my son Vic didnt swish water in his mouth and say he brushed that we were in the bathroom and he said, "MOMMA, IM SO TIRED OF RICE!" I got upset and said Vic just be grateful, your dad works so hard, he being 9 said well it's always rice,rice,rice! I went to THE bedroom and cried and prayed Lord, I don't know how much more I can endure. Sure I could be at home and believe me I would rather be but keeping my family as one unit is more importanT! Been divorced once, no thank you, I think I will do whatever it takes! So in a short version, we have been here over six years now, lawyers have taken our savings, and every other penny we have scraped together, we lost our home(paid for) because it was left to a family members care and well, he did NOT care at all! It became run down, unkept, people broke in stole all our belongings and someone even took the claw foot tub. The city condemned it and tore it down. Not to mention our business, gone, and our vehicles, gone! All those family and friends that care so much, they only care so much if it doesn't cost them anything. That is reality! So I have endured holiday, after holiday with no gifts, special food, been days without seeing a doctor when needed, we live in a tiny home, im grateful! But it has NO running water, and one tiny bedroom, among other things. I can live with that, its hard, but I can. It is tuition time here and we tried public school more than once, my kids have hell on earth, they are left unattended, picked on like crazy, for being white. You name it, we have probably dealt with it! So private school works better, we still owe half of last year so they won't allow them to attend this year until its paid. I would love to pay them, so Vic and Mia would at least be at a decent school. One more thing, I would like to buy groceries and fill the cupboards to the rim, where for once my baby wont say rice, rice, rice. So if you can help, we would be more than grateful. Thank You!
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