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I’m helping a family in Ghana who are a Woman/ Man of God named Elijah and Deborah Zebulon with two kids Emmanuel and Sarah. This family helps to feed street children in the street in Ghana. Have known them for a while and been helping them since then for almost a year now. We are building a feeding/ care program that will allow Children in Ghana to get proper care and those who are struggling with food everyday and are homeless. We wanna do this small feeding program for a month long and see how it goes if we can expand. I would appreciate if you could help them too. I know that there are alot more here who needs help and are in tight situation but also I believe in God’s word strongly that He will bring back to you ten fold what you share to others despite how big or small it is -simply because he is God, and He can. Thank you.
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Abby Golez Sugatan

Created Jul 17, 2018 Ghana

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