Save the Paws of Oman

Hey everyone.
I am here to ask for help and support so we can join efforts and make a change for the stray dogs and cats of Oman. This is a desparate plea for even the smallest donation you can make. Most probably 'Oman' does not resonate with the majority of people but I am sure that we all feel the same way about the miserable souls who are condemned to live on the streets.
The Omani Paws is a non-profitable organization committed to saving and sheltering the street dogs and cats in Oman. The country's policy is to kill the strays and some mornings start with a trail of dead bodies, which is heartbreaking. The group of dedicated volunteers work hard to make a change but we are stuggling to cover the medical bills and to buy food. The members have 40 - 60 animals each at their own houses trying to take care of them.

Please, let's make the world a better place for these poor strays. Make a donation and save a life. They will be eternely grateful and their pure and unconditional love will not be disroyed by human cruelty. Let's try to be the humans these animals beg us to be.
Every cent counts and every donation is so precious to us.
God bless you for helping the Paws of Oman.
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Sona Sarkissian

Created Jul 15, 2018 Oman

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