Beautiful Emy

Hello this is Emy, her age is 48 years old August this year. She is a beautiful mom with two grownup kids. Emy is originally from Jakarta Indonesia. She is Bekasi on West Java citizen. She is diagnosed with schizophrenia and needs medication and therapy. It's the second year since the first time the symptoms have occurred. She is now live in someone else's house without any treatment. she left abandoned, her kids have left her since few months. She got no one to help but this beautiful family. My heart is crying for her and really wanted to help her but I can't afford to fly out to see her and give her proper medication and treatment. Emy needs a proper home and I know at least she needs to be hospitalized until her consciousness back. She has no insurance and the government it doesn't have proper facilities for people like her. I live in another island 2 hours flight, a single mom plus I have special need daughter that I must look after. I work in the hospitality industry to support my family and my salary is just enough to cover my daily expenses. Please anyone who reads this kindly helps her or if you can not please pray for her so she can have proper medication and treatment. I am willing to have her in my house when she is well enough to have a social life with people who love her. Emy is deserved to be loved and live in a place that she can feel like HOME. She is the woman with a beautiful soul.. Help her to have her lives back.
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Ria Dewi

Created Jun 04, 2018 Indonesia

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