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To build and operate boarding schools for poor, orphan, and unwanted children form age 1 day to 18 years.

School will be divided into 2 parts
Boarding. The boarding will be as near to a natural home as possible .
Schooling. Will provide schooling in all basic arts and science subjects with emphasis on skill development for gainful transition in society.

The enrollment in school will be mix gender till boys have attained age of 10 . Then they will be moved to all boys school,where they will remain till attaining 18 years of age.

A basic family home of 12 children ,a paid/volunteer mother (mama) and a paid/volunteer elder sister (Aapi) sharing an apartment in an 100 apartment building .

All children will be imparted education as per existing syllabus prevailing in country with skill training , special emphasis on sports, practical life, and extra curricular activities. The children will be moderately enlightened with balanced upbringing encompassing all elements of sound upbringing. Extremes on either side will be discouraged.

It is planned to build 1000 schools in 10 years in countries with most child neglect and abuse. Most of locations will be in Asia and Africa.

After planned operation a total of 1200000 ( 1.2 million) children will be enrolled in schools at any moment and time ,and each year an estimated 86000 students will graduate and enter main stream society as useful productive healthy citizens .

School will consist of 10,000 sf custom made building with classes for preschool 1 and 2 , grades 1 to 12, 4 skill classes, sports gymnasium, assembly hall, computer lab, medical room,staff room, principal office, and cafeteria.

Boarding building will consist of 100 apartments of 1200 sf each . Apartment will house 12 beds ,12 desk and 12 Almirah . One 10X10 room for mother, one 10X10 room for Aapi, bathroom , Kitchenette, with in house laundry and TV facility.
The building will also have reception, administrative offices, maintenance rooms, commercial laundry,a restaurant, kitchen, sauna ,gym,indoor play area and Jacuzzi.

Enrollment is free for children from 01 day to 18 years,provided they meet following conditions and priorities:
Pri 1 : Children with both parents expired or incapacitated with more priority to younger ones. Max age girls 17 ,boys 15.
Pri 2: Children with one parent expired and other parent financially unable to support the family. Max age girls 16 ,boys 13
Pri 3: Parents financially unable to support children. Max age Girls 15 boys 12.
Pri4: Single parent who want to abandon children for any reason . max Girls 14 ,boys 12

Note: If number of vacancies are less then number of applicants then Priority based admission will be done. The youngest will have priority over eldest. Children will not pay any fees or charges but are required to pay in chores as decided by management .

A strict discipline regimen will be enforced . Children not following rules and regulations can be segregated from main group.

First batch children are now being housed in rented building in Islamabad till permanent school is build. The first school will be completed in 3 years with donation support. The availability of funds will ensure that other schools are build in time. The time line is approximate and lot will depend on donors support.

Their are two type of expenses:
First is the capital cost to build a complete school system. The cost details are being worked out and will be available soon.
The second is day to day expenses of students which we are seeking now. We need a $12/day for food. lodging, medical and educational expenses per child/day ,which comes to $360/month and $4320/year per child. First batch of 35 students require $151200 yearly budget . The budget year starts on 01 July and ends 30 June. Funds are needed before due date to support 35 students for one full year .

We are requesting to help us in this noble cause to support children who are left at mercy . If you support one child for one full year for $4320. We will be glad to send you the picture and biography of that child. If child is old enough he/she will communicate with you by email/post card. You can also choose to send us only $12 which is enough for one child for one day. A drop in bucket from many of you will help child for year and may be beyond. We look forward for you to join this cause of supporting and helping the children who are most vulnerable. You can know more about us at

Tax free exempt status
we are 501 (c) (3) tax exempt by IRS. All your donations are exempted from taxation.

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