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Hello all! As an International Studies major, Africology minor, and Latin American and Caribbean Studies minor, real world experience is important both to my academic career and my personal wishes. This summer one of my Africology professors is leading a 10 day (May 30th-June 9th) study abroad trip to Belize that would count for both of my minors and help strengthen my major. This program is being supported by the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, a nationally recognized Title VI area studies center from where I was awarded a research fellowship last year which turned into being hired. My coworkers are excited about this trip, and excited that I am trying to go.

However, the program cost is very expensive especially because it is during the summer, a time that is hard to get financial aid. I am very excited for this trip, and I hope with your help I will be able to afford it! I will be taking many photos during my time and will make an album to share them with all who are interested. Below is the study abroad description:

Belize represents the convergence of local and global processes related to competing national and international interests arising from conservation of its biodiversity and economic development through tourism. While the construction and maintenance of tourist hotels and resorts have had adverse impacts on the natural environment, the growth of ecotourism has strengthened conservation efforts. Not only is Belize a destination for ecotourism, but it is also a prime location for heritage tourism, specifically Mayan and Garifuna cultures.

Through this ten-day, study abroad course, students will critically examine various environmental, economic, and social issues stemming from the expansion of tourism in Belize. Students will learn about the history, economy and cultures of Belize; evaluate a community conservation project (The Community Baboon Sanctuary); and analyze gender roles in Belize, particularly the different roles men and women play in conservation efforts and the distinct opportunities available to them in the tourist industry. Students will also develop an informed appreciation of Garifuna cultural practices, particularly drumming, music and cuisine, while staying with host families in Hopkins Village. Students will apply the knowledge acquired from this course to design an environmental project at the local community school as part of a two-day service learning project. Program Leader:
Dr. Ermitte Saint Jacques, Department of Africology.

Thank you very much, and every little bit helps!
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