Safe Sidewalks to Ridgewood Park

If you walk, stroll, bike, or scoot to Ridgewood Park, you’ve probably been wishing for safe sidewalks. Our neighborhood is fortunate to have the rec center, park, splash pad and trail nearby. But even though these amenities are so close, they are difficult to access safely — especially during rush hour or when the path is wet and muddy. The Safe Sidewalks to Ridgewood Park Association was created to offer neighbors a way to show the City the widespread community support for safe sidewalks. How Can We Get Safe Sidewalks? The City has stated that the quickest way for them to install sidewalks is for us to submit a successful petition requesting inclusion in the upcoming 2017 bond package. In order to be considered, the City advised us to submit the petition by October 1, 2016. A successful petition requires signatures from the homeowners whose property would front the new sidewalks.

Project Scope The new sidewalks would be constructed along Greentree Lane from the north/west side of Westbrook Lane to the bridge and along Fisher Road from Greentree Lane/Rockaway Drive to Patrick Drive. If we are successful with our petition, the City will also install sidewalks at Ridgewood Park along its Fisher Road frontage. The result will be a continuous stretch of sidewalks to Ridgewood Park and increased safety for all of our neighbors who travel that route.

How can I help if I’m not one of the homeowners with affected property? Please donate to the sidewalk effort. Though sidewalks are a community amenity, the City requires that each fronting homeowner pay a portion of the costs for installing new sidewalks. We believe that placing the costs of our safe access on fronting homeowners isn’t neighborly and our goal is to raise $3,500 to offset the costs.
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