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Having aggressive stage 4 cancer of the lung and brain, Dave doesn't really expect to hang around much longer. His last wish is to create a solo album, mainly involving his family and close friends. Anyone who knows Mutton well enough knows his family and music are his biggest love. For those who don't know Mutton, we'll skip his bizarre youth which spilled into his life and lyrics and start with the music...

Band History (1981 - present):
Page One
Psychotic Numbskulls
The Carcinogenics
The Nice Folk
The Chargers
The Cult Killers
Beyond The Stars
Dave Mutton (Solo)

Studio Albums:
Psychotic Numbskulls - Self-Titled
Mutton - Self-Titled
Mutton - Funniest Blokes in the World
The Carcinogenics - Rock Bottom
The Nice Folk - Guide to Sedation and Isolation
The Nice Folk - Devil at my Door
The Nice Folk - Touched
Beyond the Stars - Power to Kill

Achieving this goal would let Mutton die a happy man and any help towards this cause would be much appreciated. Thank you!

It's uncertain how much money will be needed at this point but we're looking at getting some decent studio time. Mutton would also love to see 'Devil at my Door' on vinyl, so please dig deep. Collapse Description Get updates to this fundraiser Subscribe to this fundraiser Subscribe to YouCaring emails Fundraiser Updates 3 f42f213a-52cb-4521-b055-793207c8bfc1_upd Posted on April 22, 2018 We're currently in the studio actually making this album happen! It's sounding absolutely bloody amazing so thank you once again to all you lovely folk who donated towards this cause! ee07770c-378e-4f07-a9b2-7ca88df9e9cd_upd Posted on March 12, 2018 Wow!! We've cracked the $2000 mark. This is just absolutely outstanding and so humbling. We're getting closer to having enough money to comfortably walk into the studio, and the rehearsals and demos we've done so far are sounding pretty damn special. This should be one hell of an album... Thank you SO much again to everyone who's so generously donated to this cause. It means a lot. Rock on and spread the word!. e80a07dd-a346-4f24-aab6-a3ea56e62441_upd Posted on February 16, 2018 The donations and support we've seen already have been overwhelming, considering the page has only been up for a few days now! A big thank you to everyone who's made a donation or helped out in some way. Should be one hell of an album! Spread the word and rock on folks!
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