Clare's Birthday Wish

For my birthday, I want to pay off our (Sydney Fox and Dingo Rescue) debt at one of our vets (yep.. this is just one of our bills..). I usually pay one couple of hundred dollar bill every time I get paid- however they keep piling up and now we have over 50 rescued animals in care with very little financial support, its getting harder and harder. Our rescue is the only large rescue for foxes and one of the only dedicated rescue-only (no breeding) shelters for dingoes- these animals literally have no other option but euthanasia- it's been hard to say no and now we are really full, financially behind and tired (but always so in love with the gorgeous guys who come into care and it is always worth it). It's my birthday wish to lift a small burden off mine and our volunteers shoulders and ask if you can help us clean the slate at our favourite vet by giving small or big. THANK YOU AND SO MUCH LOVE FROM THE CREATURES x
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