Help 4 Baladi Dogs Fly to new home

t may seems like a long story but I wish you may help There is a dog in front of my company gave birth to 4 little puppies people around my company other buildings took them away and thrown them into a really no life place however I bought them back to their mother now they are 7 months maybe a little older they are not used to street, one got hit by the car but fortunately it was not a big deal just a contusion The other building residents want to poison them, so I took them and gave them to someone who is currently taking care of the 4 of them So here's my request: I contacted with the Animal Protection Foundation No. 5630 in Egypt in order to help me find them a new home, however Egyptians people do not take baladies so I gave up on an Egyptian Adopter and asked for a foreigner adopter none Egyptian.

So any amount will help those beautiful Dogs to get their new home Thanks in advance for All your support.

Each dog will need $500 = 9000EPGs divided as below:

  • 6000EPGs --> Travel expenses
  • 1500 EPGs --> Vaccinations
  • 1500 EPGs --> Living expenses for 2 months until they travel
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Created May 10, 2018 UK

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