Help Xena the pit second knee surgery!

So, against Lisa's wishes, I am creating this fundraiser because she deserves help more than anyone I know. I have known Lisa practically my whole life and she has never once asked for anything or a handout, but there comes a point where everyone needs help and support. Back in 2012, Lisa and her boyfriend David adopted a sweet little pit named Xena from Cobb County Animal Control in Georgia, and they instantly fell in love. Fast forward to Nov 2015 they found out Xena ruptured her left CCL (knee). No specific cause known. The surgery, appointments, testing, X-rays and medicine were going to cost over $3,500, but they didn't hesitate for a second. They opened a credit card and went forward with the surgery. Fast forward to December of 2016 and a rough recovery from the first surgery, they find out that now Xena's right CCL is torn as well. Absolutely devastating news considering they have barely made a dent in paying off the first surgery. Before Xena's first surgery, she loved to run, hike and swim but is now in so much pain, even walking is a struggle. Lisa and David both work their butts off full-time, paying student loans and bills like most of us, but there comes a point when unexpected expenses can become too much. Maxing out another credit card is not an option, and seeing Xena in pain breaks Lisa's heart. I can't sit back without at least trying to help them out and hope you will join me in supporting two awesome people and their furbaby. I understand it's a big goal, and won't even cover the cost of what they still owe, or the cost of a second surgery, but anything will help. If you aren't able to donate, I hope you at least share this for Xena. ❤️ She is too sweet of a dog to suffer because of some bad luck. If you would like to verify this fundraiser, the first surgery was preformed by Dr. Brad Mackenzie, DVM, DACVS with Affiliated Veterinary Specialist located in Daytona Beach, FL. Thank you for your help and thank you for caring!
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