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Please help save Ruby! Ruby is a sweet Hound/Shep mix pup who was available for adoption here at the shelter. She started to not feel well and was taken to the vet (by a couple wishing to provide her a happy home) to figure out what was wrong. It was found her kidneys were failing due to a blockage and fluid building up in the bladder. An emergency surgery had to be performed and Ruby is requiring around the clock care for the next few days. The expenses are more than what the shelter can provide. The couple who fell in love with her when she was at the shelter is desperately hoping for a full recovery and wishes to provide her a loving home after she recovers. This couple has contributed as much as they could. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This pup deserves a chance at life and to have a happy home! The bill is estimated to be over $3000 from both the surgery and emergency care after hours. You may also donate directly to the shelter by calling us if you don't wish to do it through this site. Updates will be provided. Please call 205-752-9101 with any questions. Get updates to this fundraiser
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