3K for m 30tBirthday Benefit Dog Project!

My 30th birthday is June 14th and my biggest wish on this day is to raise much needed funds, a goal of $3,000, for a rescue group that is near and dear to my heart (what an understatement). Northwest Dog Project is doing incredible work and has a super unique, high quality rescue model. They have saved more than 300 dogs and have inspiring ideas for future projects, including a senior sanctuary and spay/neuter programs.

Their barn-boutique like facility sits on 25 acres of forest land with cabin kennels, an outdoor training yard and hiking trails. It is the most gorgeous, peaceful place a second-chance dog could ever wish to reside as they find forever homes, in the hands of devoted staff and volunteers. I've spent many a cherished evenings on the beautiful trails, as the sun disappears, making out with dogs who stole my heart and have since moved on to heart-bursting happy endings.

Emma and Sally, co-founders/directors, are close friends who I spent blood, sweat and tears type of formative years in rescue with. I was thrilled to support their dream of starting a rescue and they have floored me with their steadfast determination, heart and professionalism in this crazy amazing endeavor. I can confidently say, with a behind-the-scenes privilege as a volunteer and Board Secretary, that if you're looking to support a solid rescue program, knowing your money is truly saving dogs in need, this is it.

Please help me celebrate by donating whatever you can to Northwest Dog Project. Instead of buying me a drink, or buying yourself a latte, let's cheers to saving even more deserving dogs who would otherwise spend their last living days in a high-kill shelter, to no fault of their own, filled with stress and despair. That's a 30th birthday gift I can SO get down and dirty with! It would be an honor to have your helping hand.
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