Dental cleanings and surgery

Have you ever had a toothache – that constant pain that makes it hard to eat, hard to sleep, hard to do anything but wish it would go away? You see the dentist, take medicine for the pain and maybe an antibiotic – and feel that sweet relief. But what if you are a homeless cat, living on the streets, looking for your next meal and not always sure you will find it?

Since many of the cats admitted to the Gifford Cat Shelter are strays, we see a lot of dental disease. Poor diet, along with lack of veterinary care, leads to decaying and sometimes infected teeth. Imagine being a stray cat, scared and alone, and in constant pain.

This summer we have a number of cats needing dental cleanings and surgery. These procedures come at a time when we have lots of spay/neuter surgeries, lots of vaccinations to give to new cats, and many little mouths to feed. We could really use your help in meeting the extra expense of these dental procedures (each procedure can range from $500 to $1000). It’s expensive, but we are committed to doing whatever it takes to return these cats to good health.

If we can raise at least $3000 for our dental fund, it will help cats like Buster. He is around 10 years old and was abandoned in the streets of Brighton. Buster was in pretty rough shape when he arrived. Among other problems his teeth were broken and decayed. Buster recently had dental surgery (and may require a second procedure). He is now feeling better and is a sweet loving cat, hoping for a good home.

You can also help Mickey. A member of our socialization program, Mickey has made a lot of progress in getting comfortable with people. He’s now ready for adoption but during a recent physical exam, the veterinarian noted some major problems with his teeth. He is scheduled for somewhat complicated dental surgery with a specialist later this week.

Then there’s our diva, Mandy. She was quite upset when we sent her off for dental surgery last week – after all, it meant no food the night before! We are happy to report that Mandy is now on the road to recovery and will soon be back to her job as official greeter at the shelter door.

These are just three of the cats who currently need dental cleanings or surgery. Can you help?

A donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated – and think of how good you will feel to play a role in alleviating a homeless cats pain and moving that cat a little closer to finding a permanent loving home!

Thank you for being part of our Gifford community and for caring about homeless cats!

With love and gratitude,
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