CACC Cats Home for the Holidays

s the holiday season approaches, please consider giving the gift of life! Help Chicago's neediest cats by purchasing an item off the CACC Cat Transfer Team Amazon Wish List or by donating to the CACC Cat Transfer Team Home for the Holidays Fund so we can purchase some of the bigger items listed below. It is a wonderful way to honor a loved one or a pet by giving a contribution in their name. Your donation will go towards not only helping cats now, but more in the year to come.

These are just some of the life saving items your donation will go towards:

- Snap Tests: (Aprox $15 each)
Many rescue groups won't take a cat until it has been tested for FIV and FeLV. Getting more cats snap tested means more cats we can get out more quickly! We would love to get as many cats tested as possible before the November 19th Homeward Bound meeting at CACC. -Box Carriers: (Aprox $3 each) Having extra carriers available will allow rescues groups to take additional cats that they may not have planned on when they visit CACC! Do you have extra plastic carriers that you don't need? We will take those too! - Parvo Tests: (Aprox $15 each) When we have outbreaks of panleuk we need additional tests to confirm those that have it and those that don't. This will help us save lives. -Air Filters: ($420 each) Help preventthe spread of illness and keep our cats healthy! We are currently looking to purchase the Austin Air Health Mate Plus Jr. (as it can remove viruses from the air). We have two already, and would like to add others to the remaining 5 rooms. These make a HUGE difference in the air quality in the rooms. Better air means cats are less likely to get sick. -Supply/Enrichment Cart: Allow us to stock up on goodies for the cats (treats, wet food, toys, blankets). Keeping cats happy and enriched helps prevent them from getting sick. Toy mice, flexible straws, and toy balls are always a favorite toy! Also, we need more donations of small cat blankets or towels for them to snuggle up with. Gently used or homemade blankets are always appreciated! You can also purchase many of these items on our Amazon Wish List. -Medical ISO Gowns: (Aprox $1 each) Helps prevent spreading germs from cat to cat. Having proper ISO gowns helps limit the spread of disease. -Commercial Grade Dishwasher: ($$$$) Will help to sanitize dishes and thus reduce the spread of germs.

As always, thank you for all of your help and support in making a difference in the lives of the thousands of cats that pass through the doors each year at Chicago Animal Care & Control.

Together we can make a difference to save more lives! - The CACC Cat Transfer Team

You can also drop off or mail donations to-
Chicago Animal Care & Control
Attn: CACC Cat Transfer Team
2741 South Western Avenue
Chicago, IL, 606
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