The Joyful 30

This is our final plea. We simply cannot afford to pay these prices out of pocket to pull these dogs from Guardian Animal Medical Center for rescue. No rescue can afford this, so we are stuck. The vet wishes to adopt the remaining 26 dogs from the Joyful 30 out to the local public (without rescue adoption protocol such as home visits, reference checks and applications). We have been very hesitant to do so and have not yet allowed adoptions, however our hands are becoming tied and options very limited. We cannot expect an accepting rescue to pay $250-350 per dog. Everyday that these dogs are still in boarding, the bill grows even higher. Something's gotta give or we will be forced to walk away. We have NO other choice. Please help us break these very deserving dogs out of boarding, out of cages, once and for all! They've been patient and it's time for FREEDOM! No amount is too small. All proceeds will be used to pay the vet bills for the remaining 26 dogs so we can pull them for rescue. Thank you in advance for your help ❤️
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