Buddy's Christmas Wish

WILL THERE BE A MIRACLE FOR BUDDY 2? I was a victim of rape. I survived the abuse and was eventually rescued. But, by the time I was saved from the hell I lived through, I had sustained life-threatening injuries. This made it very hard for the average rescue to help me. I understand there are hundreds of thousands of healthy dogs at risk every day in the United States. These dogs are in shelters across the country, begging for a chance to live. Rescues can take them and place them and move on to the next. There are costs involved, but the cost to rescue them, versus the cost to rescue me … well … there’s no contest who is going to win that battle. And no one should be resentful of that. Those dogs deserve a wonderful life and can have one … a lot quicker than anyone will even know if I can have a chance at a life. But … there are a few very special rescues who will step up for a dog like me. They are willing to take a chance and fight to get the funds needed so I can live. They know at the start it may not work. They may take me in and fight very hard … run up an astronomical vet bill … only to lose me anyway. But they are willing to give me a chance. My question is: ARE YOU? So many times you have stepped up for dogs like me and I am one of those that your donations helped to save. Are you willing to do it one more time? Buddy 2 needs your help. He was injured through no fault of his own. He was with people who did not respect him; did not love him … and who were willing to allow him to die rather than expose their guilty secret. But he has been rescued. He is safe. But he cannot live a quality life without help. The rescue who has him in a foster home believes he is worthy of saving … and they believe he can be saved. They believe he can have YEARS of a quality life with help. He cannot run and play and show that wonderful smile of his without that help. Everyone loves to see the butt wiggles a rescue dog reserves for the one whose heart he/she has stolen. Buddy 2 is waiting for his time to show those butt wiggles. Please help him. Buddy 2 is showing that he wants to live. He is doing all those things consistent with a dog who is fighting to live. There have been dogs who were raped in the past who did not show this will to live at the start. But, once they realized there was help and hope … well … do you remember Gabe? And look at that boy now! Please help Buddy 2. There are several ways you can do this. As always for the Den rescues … PRAY and show your support by SHARING. I know times are tough and some people cannot afford to send even a dollar right now. But it costs no money to say a prayer and to hit the share button. It does require you invest your heart a
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