Philip DeFranco's Big Gay Religion

Yesterday I talked about the discrimination of gay people in America thanks to the RFPA in Indiana. I believe Memories Pizza or any other business that would choose to deny service on the grounds that serving gay people goes against their religious beliefs are in the wrong.

You change Gay to Black or Jewish and you see the fault in their argument.

I do not agree with the harassment Memories Pizza has recieved and don't think THEY are the real problem, but I also believe them to be ignorant.

SO I propose 2 things.

1. You donate money that we can put together to fight for equal rights.

2. Lets start a religion called "Philip DeFranco's Big Gay Religion". Some of you have called it Philintology. If being gay is part of a religion you could hypothetically in the future be considered a protected class since being a human being apparently isn't enough.

If you'd like to join all you have to do is share this link on your social media and/or donate to this GoFundMe.

Our religion tells us that all people should be gay. If you're not gay don't worry. Our God is very forgiving and understands we are all his creations...and secretly I think he loves everyone but for legal reasons he has made this stance. I mean what kind of God would make you you and then get angry at you for being you?

Also I'll have more information on this completely real religion soon. I have some mystical texts to go find.

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