Karabo Asara Orphan Centre

The Karabo Asara HIV & Orphan Center started due to an increasing number of orphaned children and HIV effected and affected people living in poverty with minimum or no access to information about the pandemic. As a result, the community of New Eesterus, located in the heart of Soshanguve - Pretoria's largest township, decided to do something about the situation.

Karabo Asara formed in 2008 with the help of one woman (Heidi O'Bra) and has been informally operating ever since. Granted, the HIV & Orphan Center is in desperate need of funds in order to continue their operations.

The main objectives of the organization are to:

1) Give support to child-headed homes
2) Give shelter and comfort to vulnerable children
3) Take care of children effected and affected by HIV/AIDS
4) To encourage young people on issues of moral degradation and constructive behavior through sports and motivation
5) To help keep children off the streets
6) To save children from abusive environments, and to provide a safe space for children to play and interact

It's secondary objectives are to:
1) Help weak and elderly people in the community who are left alone to care for young children;
2) To form a support group for HIV+ people in the community
3) To start a community garden to help feed the people of Soshanguve
4) To introduce projects that are sustainable that can add value and empower people of the community (i.e., small business, skills development, computer literacy, arts & crafts, etc.)

Karabo Asara has already achieved remarkable results:

* Feeding scheme for children and for HIV+ persons who are on antiretroviral therapy who need to maintain a good diet
* Donate clothing to children in need, and provide laundry services to promote good hygiene
*The center takes interest in the children's academic success, and helps provide school uniforms and assists with their homework
*Started an HIV support group with members of the community, including workshops, moral support, and encourages others to know their HIV status
*Door-to-door home based care for the sick and elderly that stay alone during the day - volunteers go and help with cleaning, taking a bath, and providing food

Up until now, all workers and caregivers have been volunteers from the community. As we move forward, we would like to begin paying these critical members of society a small stipend for their help.

The Karabo Asara Orphan and HIV Center also provides meals for children and community members, which is a major expense.

We need your help to ensure long-term sustainability of this amazing organization. We are in the process of exploring ways for the South African Government to recognize Karabo Asara as a Non-Profit Organization and to receive support locally, but this will take time.

Karabo Asara's monthly expenses are approximately $1000 (including food, a very small stipend, water, electricty, transportation fees, etc).

We would like to generate enough money to sustain Karabo Asara over the next year while we build the organization's capacity and get them to the level where they will qualify for national support.

Please do what you can to help.

And if you're in South Africa, we are always looking for donations of food, clothing, books and blankets. And let me know if you'd like to volunteer and help at Karabo Asara Orphan and HIV Center!

All the best,
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