Rebuild Pinnacle, Restore Rastafari

Rastafari Kulture has been destroyed by Jamaica governments for over 80 years from 1933 to this day. Rastafari Kulture promotes peace love and international salvation. In 1939 Leonard Percival Howell and his wife Tenneth Bent Howell purchased 1,000 acres of land in Sligoville Jamaica in the name of The Ethiopian Salvation Society of New York and gifted it to members of The Ethiopian Salvation Society in Jamaica. The brethren were tormented and persecuted for their beliefs and their land confiscated by the rich planters and government of Jamaica. Now the Jamaica National Heritage Trust has protected the highest point of Pinnacle as a National Monument. Let Truth and Justice stand globally by donating to and protecting this unique global kulture. We must rebuild the Pinnacle and protect this global kulture.

PINNACLE was acquired by Leonard P. Howell for RasTafari Brothers & Sisters to Live, Learn and Grow within the context of their Indigenous African Heritage. The first self sustaining community in Colonial Jamaica in the late 1930's, using the farming of ganga as one of the main sources of economy for the people. The community was rich with crafts, farms, schools, bakery and a new way of thinking, a New Culture. It is the Birthplace of the Culture RASTAFARI
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