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My name is Gage Mueller and if you know me you know, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!! If you have seen or come by my house over the past 6 or so years you will understand what I mean. Starting about 3 years ago I partnered with Distinctive Life to help promote a "safe street" for kids to be able to trick or treat on. That being said, we are going into our 4th year and this year is going to be bigger and better, than before as we have a new partner joining us in Halloween Express!!! I cannot be more excited about Halloween this year.

One of my goals has always been to make it bigger and spread it wider than the year before. This year we have reached out to MD Anderson Cancer Center and are going to be partnering with them to help purchase costumes for all the children that cannot leave the hospital to celebrate Halloween like everyone else. So we will be bringing Halloween to them!!! We have some backing and support with our 2 sponsors already, but are looking to you to help make this a reality and a special day for all the kids that have to fight cancer day in and day out. We are trying to purchase at least 75 costumes in all variety of sizes and themes. As well as be able to handle handfuls of candy!

Please consider doing something for someone else this year and give a special child the Halloween they deserve. The power of giving and doing something for someone else because you care is the BEST feeling in the world!

I cannot thank you enough for your support and if you would like to get involved just say the word!

Thank you so much! Gage
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Gage Mueller

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