Lisa Fandrich

Hi. My name is Lisa Fandrich and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Here is a story about Paul.

This is Paul and it breaks my heart that he is working this hard at his age. Can we help him?

For months I have driven past this man. He comes to the corner of Cactus and 32nd Street after dark each night.

There have been several times I have actually gone out of my way to drive another way home because seeing him there has brought me to tears. I've seen him walking with his walker and wheel chair over the 51 over pass on Cactus and he sells copper coins. A few months ago, I decided to stop with 2 bottles of water and $10.00. I wanted to hear his story. He came here 37 years ago and he and his wife live off social security. Each night he walks to this corner to make extra money for his wife of 54 years. He stays till the light at Church's Chicken goes out. When I told him I've been driving by for months and that I was worried about him he said, "God watches out for me."

Even in the heat of the stifling Phoenix summers, he is here. Working. For he and his wife.

I asked Paul which 2 coins he likes the most and he showed me these two. So those I bought.

He also let me take his picture.

If you're out in this area, come by and see Paul. He is a lovely man.

I'm so glad I stopped. I'll be back. And I hope he gets home safe.
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Lisa Fandrich

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