Arianne and Yvanne are two wonderful Christian girls here from Cote D'Ivoire and have an immediate financial need. Their family has had some hard times and cannot pay their tuition of $5,000 due this Friday, the 17th!!
If you are aware of the rules for students here in the United states on student visas, they have certain requirements they have to meet and one of those is that they have to be actively in school to be able to stay in the country. They also are only allowed to work part-time minimum wage jobs in their schools, which ties their hands to be able to raise the money themselves.

If they do not have this money by the deadline this Friday, their classes will be dropped and they will be in violation of their visas and forced to return home, not finishing their education. They each are seniors and are so close to graduation. Please help them stay here in school so they can finish their education!

They are both very active in a Christian ministry here and we are all praying for them and believing that this GoFundMe might be the answer to our prayers!
God bless you!
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